Waste Management


Garbage & recycling pick-up is on Monday mornings. When Monday is a federal holiday, pick up is Tuesday mornings. 

Any Village residents and businesses that would like to have recycling & garbage picked up by the Village must purchase sticker tags at Village hall (or participating businesses).  The chart below shows costs for different sizes of garbage bags. 

Please Note: 

  • Be aware of garbage bag weight limits (13 gallons for small, and 30 gallons for large).
  • All waste is brought to Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (ucrra.org)
  • The Village service only applies to everyday bagged garbage. Construction materials & bulk unbagged items won’t be taken; these must be taken to the Town Recycling Center (add link to section below).

Sm (13 gal)Lg (30 gal)
Village Clerk’s office
Village Hall, 7467 S Broadway
M-F 11am - 4pm
(845) 758-1081
Mac’s Agway  
68 Firehouse Ln
M-F 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sat 8am - 5pm, Sun 9am - 3pm
(845) 876-1559
Taste Budds
40 W Market St
M-Sat 7am - 7pm, Sun 8am - 7pm
(845) 758-6500

Village Recycling Service

Participants in the recycling program sort out recyclable items, which reduces the amount of garbage we produce as a Village. Learn more about Dual Stream Recycling here: ucrra.org/recyling and view this Handy Dual Stream visual guide here: https://ucrra.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/2021-DualStreamRecyclingGuide.pdf 

Curbside pick up of recyclable materials is a complimentary service available to all Village residents and businesses, regardless of whether they pay to participate in the Village garbage service.

See below for the recycling pickup schedule:  

Paper & Cardboard

Commingled Plastic, Glass & Metal

COLLECTION METHOD: Must be placed in plastic bins that allow drainage, be careful to not overfill bins. Do not place in plastic bags. 

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Newspaper, magazines/ catalogs, computer/copy paper, writing paper, phone books, brown bags, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, junk mail, greeting cards, paper egg cartons, books (hard covers must be removed), et al. 

NOT ACCEPTED: (should be placed in bagged Garbage): Wax or plastic-coated paper, pizza boxes, wet or food-contaminated paper, shredded paper, paper streamers, tissue paper, tissues/ napkins, paper towels, or wrapping paper.

Corrugated Cardboard

COLLECTION METHOD: Must be flattened and set out separately from other paper recycling.

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Corrugated cardboard ONLY.

NOT ACCEPTED: boxes containing plastic shipping materials or styrofoam, food-contaminated cardboard (e.g. pizza boxes, takeout containers)

COLLECTION METHOD: Must be placed in plastic bins that allow drainage, be careful to not overfill bins. Do not place recycling in plastic or paper bags. 

ACCEPTED ITEMS: CLEAN drink bottles, food jars, any other clean bottle, can or jar.

NOT ACCEPTED: (should be placed in bagged Garbage): household dishes, ovenware, pyrex, ceramics, porcelain, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, crystal glass, plastic-coated cartons, black microwave plastic containers, clamshell containers, empty prescription bottles, plastic bags/film. Alkaline batteries , Plastic Straws, Styrofoam, VHS tapes, wrappers, plastic utensils, Disposable cups, coffee pods, CD’s & DVD’s.

Town Recycling Center & Goods Exchange:

Village residents may buy annual permits to use the RH Town Recycling Center, at Glen Pond Drive. Current cost for permits and per item fees are listed on the Town’s website. Permits entitle holders to the following:

  • Disposal of bulk items at a per item fee.
  • Bags of trash at a cash-only fee per bag 
  • Clean, reusable items may be left and taken for free at the Goods Exchange there.
  • Appliances containing freon are accepted for $15 at Town of Red Hook Recycling Cente

For Items not on this list, refer to our ‘Disposal Options Chart'

Seasonal Brush removal

SCHEDULE: April through Oct:  The Village Highway Department picks up residential yard brush every first and third week of the month (schedule and weather permitting), place your piles out by Monday morning of those weeks. Once leaf pickup begins, brush pickup is suspended (there will be one final brush pickup after leaves are done) 

COLLECTION METHOD: Residents must place brush in a pile, or clean container curbside or at their lawn’s edge; not in the road. Please limit brush piles to one per household; and limit their size to no greater than 6’ x 6’ x 6’. Neighbors are encouraged to share a brush pile to help make pick-up easier and quicker.

ACCEPTED ITEMS:  Residential garden trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, plant materials, brush and tree branches less than 6” in diameter. 

NOT ACCEPTED: Tree trunks, stumps, garbage, construction materials and professional landscaping materials will not be picked up.  

Fall Leaf Pickup

The Village of Red Hook recommends that your mulch fallen leaves with your mower for a sustainable alternative to raking. Gathered leaves collected in a row at the edge of lawns in the Village will be collected, weather permitting. There is NO BURNING OF LEAVES permitted in the village (https://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/32060.html#Prohibitions).

Scrap Metal Donation Program

Residents or businesses interested in donating scrap metal may contact the Village Highway Department (845-758-8600) or the Village Clerk’s Office (845-758-1081). Highway Department personnel will pick up scrap metal on request. Proceeds from this program go toward the purchase of tools and equipment for the Village Highway, Water, and Materials Management Departments. 

Residential Composting

The Village of Red Hook encourages residents to compost here is some information from the county on composting.

Dumpster Permit Policy

No permit required.