As the owner/resident, what am I responsible for?
  • Repairing and maintaining the home plumbing and sewer line from the house to the STEP system tank.
  • Maintaining access to Village's equipment. 
  • Damages to the septic tank, service panel, or Village owned equipment if the damage is caused by the homeowner or some one other than Village personnel.
  • Providing electricity for the pump and controls.
  • Calling to report an alarm, and minimizing water use during an emergency.
  • Eliminating the disposal of improper material into the STEP system.
    • Improper materials include "flushable" wipes, disposable diapers, feminine products, cigarette butts, hair, dental floss, food items containing seeds and peelings, fats, oils and greases, egg shells, nutshells coffee grounds, paper towels or rags or any non-organic material 
    • Limit or eliminate your use of garbage disposal. Instead, consider composting your food waste items at the Town Recycling Center.

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