Board of Trustees

Village Board

The Village Board is made up of four Trustees and one Mayor for a total of a five member board.

Board of Trustees Agendas & Minutes:

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Board Meetings
Second Monday of each month
Formal adoption of Policy and Monthly Reports & Budgets, 
Open to Public
Hybrid Meeting (in-person & videoconferencing)
Zoom Meeting ID: 816 4684 6132
Passcode: 304974
7:00 pm at Village Hall, Courtroom
Public Workshops
Fourth Thursday of each month
Informal discussion of Policy and Board Objectives,
Open to Public
In-Person Meeting* 
*Any of these scheduled meetings may be held via video conferencing due to an extraordinary circumstance in accordance with Village Policy.
Zoom Meeting ID: 837 8212 2090
Passcode: 128680
7:00 pm at Village Hall, 
2nd floor Conference Room

All meetings are open to the public and held in accordance to NY State Open Meetings Law.

Special meetings are published in the Village’s official paper of record; The Daily Freeman.  

Citizens are encouraged to take an active role in their local government.

Important Annual Dates to Remember:

Calendar Year
starts January 1st
Fiscal Year
starts June 1st 
Organizational Year
starts the first Monday of April

Pursuant to Village Law § 3-302(1), the official year of a village begins at noon on the first Monday of the month following the village election. Since The Village of Red Hook conducts its elections in March, our official year begins on the first Monday in April.

Village Elections
take place the third Tuesday in March (unless that falls on St. Patrick's day).

Office of Village Trustees

Membership & Terms: The legislative body of a village, the board of trustees is composed of the Mayor and four village trustees. The Village of Red Hook Board of Trustees consists of four (4) village residents, 18 years or older, that are elected for four year terms. 


Melkorka Kjarval, Deputy Mayor


Office Term: term ends April 7th, 2025

Hon. Jonah Triebwasser administered the oath of office to the new Associate Red Hook Village Justice

Charles Laing, Trustee


Office Term: term ends April 7th, 2025


Steven Appenzeller, Trustee


Office Term: term ends April 5th, 2027

Kym Bradley-Rickard, Trustee


Office Term: term ends April 5th, 2027

Trustee Roles & Responsibilities

NYS Village Law §4-412 sets forth the general powers of the board.  

In addition to any other powers conferred upon villages, the Board of Trustees of a Village shall have management of Village property and finances, may take all measures and do all acts, by local law, not inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution, and not inconsistent with a general law except as authorized by the Municipal Home Rule Law, which shall be deemed expedient or desirable for the good government of the village, its management and business, the protection of its property, the safety, health, comfort, and general welfare of its inhabitants, the protection of their property, the preservation of peace and good order, the suppression of vice, the benefit of trade, and the preservation and protection of public works.

The Board of Trustees may create or abolish, by resolution, offices, boards, agencies and commissions and delegate to said offices, boards, agencies and commissions so much of its powers, duties and functions as it shall deem necessary for effectuating or administering the board of trustees duties and functions.

Members of the Board of Trustees do not have any authority to supervise or direct subordinate Village officers or employees. That is the role of the Mayor.

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