Village Elections

2023 Village Special Election

October 24, 2023. 12 PM - 9 PM

In-person voting takes place in the Village Courtroom at Village Hall, 7467 South Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571 

2023 Special Election Forms & Ballots:

How to Vote Absentee:

  • You may request an Absentee Application by mail/email/phone (link to application above)
  • You must submit a completed paper form via mail or in-person at the Village Clerk’s office. The Village cannot accept emailed or digital absentee applications.
  • To receive and absentee ballot by mail, the ballot application must be delivered to the Clerk of the Village of Red Hook on or before October 17, 2023 or postmarked by a governmental postal service not later than 7th day before election date (October 17, 2023).
  • To receive and absentee ballot in person, the ballot application must be delivered to the Clerk on or before October 23, 2023.
  • You may apply for absentee ballot if (Election Law § 15-120) :
    • Absent from County for all hours of Election; or
    • Unable to Appear Due to Illness or Disability

Running for Office:

  • To Run for Elective Village Office Pursuant to Public Officers Law § 3, Individual Must be the Following by Election Day:
    • 18 years old,
    • Citizen of the United States, and
    • Resident of the Village
  • An individual may not run simultaneously for two Offices that are incompatible (ex. Trustee and Mayor).
  • Candidates only appear on the Ballot by being nominated by a Political Party or Independent Nominating Body.

More Resources for Candidates: