About STEP System

STEP System Overview: 

The Village’s STEP system sewer serves properties on the main axis of the Village (see sewer district map). Each property in the district has a Village supplied septic tank & effluent pump, which pumps liquid sewage into a 'sewer main' pipe to be treated at its eventual destination by the Village wastewater treatment plant. Village restaurants also have grease traps to intercept incidental cooking grease from getting into the Village’s STEP system.

STEP diagram 20230824

Why is a Septic System important in the Village?

The main benefits of the sewer system are twofold, it protects our shared drinking water supply (the Village is lucky to have a robust supply of fresh drinking water from our many wells) and also it allows for more intensive use from our businesses and restaurants than was previously allowed by the Dutchess County Board of Health - which will likely spur more investment in our business district. 

More Information

Village of Red Hook Map Plan & Report (2021)

  1. Fernando Dongo

    Sewer Operator

  2. Jen Cavanaugh

    Sewer Clerk

  3. Sewer Department

    Mailing Address
    Village Hall
    7467 S Broadway
    Red Hook, NY 12571