What do I do if the power goes out?

During long term power outages of several hours or more, you should minimize water usage. Even though the STEP system’s discharge pump and alarm will not operate without power, wastewater from your home can continue to fill the tank if your water service has not been interrupted. Use only what is absolutely necessary. Check basement or lower drains often. 

If the drains begin to fill with water, discontinue all water usage and call the Village Sewer Operator immediately (845-758-1081, option 8). 

Short-term power outages of a few minutes to a few hours should not be of concern. The reserve tank capacity can handle short-term events like these. 

STEP systems are designed so that your neighbors’ drains cannot back up into yours. If you stop using water, the drains will stop filling with water. 

Note: Many types of water softeners and filters automatically discharge water into the STEP tank. This can reduce the tank’s reserve capacity without your being aware of it. Be sure to check such systems regularly.

If the power outage is longer that 24-hours call the Village Sewer Operator, 845-758-1081, option 8.

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