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    Village of Red Hook 
    7467 South Broadway
    Red Hook, NY 12571

  2. Re: Freedom of Information Law Request

  3. To: Records Access Officer

    Under the provisions of the New York Freedom if Information Law, Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, I hereby request records or portions thereof pertaining to (or containing the following):

  4. Please describe the public records you wish to receive. In order to expedite the search for the records, please be as specific and clear as possible.

  5. Department*
  6. If my request appears to be extensive or fails to reasonably describe the records, please contact me by:
    1. The Freedom of Information Law requires that an agency respond to a request within five business days of receiving a request. 

      If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing; and provide the name and address for the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.

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